Tuesday, August 14, 2012


"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!" 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)

This morning as I was making breakfast, my two little blessings decided they wanted to make a craft all on their own. I sat the supplies on the table, gave them construction paper, and let their creative minds do the rest. My big boy was helping little sis use a circle punch on her paper when I hear her say "mommy, he broke my paper." At that moment they both erupted into laughter, but the comment stayed in my head. I thought about what they were doing. They were creating a masterpiece! Little sis started her masterpiece with something that had to be broken, then she used the brokenness to create beauty.

Wow! This little moment of crafting for my children spoke volumes to my heart. As a sinner we are broken, and in that moment where the Holy Spirit calls us to Him, we are broken even a little more. But then when we repent and accept Christ as our Savior, He takes our broken and turns us into something beautiful! He makes us new, a masterpiece!

However, it doesn't stop there! There are many times during our walk with Him that He has to take us again, break us, and remold us. We get off of His chosen path for us, we try to do things on our own, make our own way and we end up instead creating a mess. He takes that mess, breaks it, and once again takes our brokenness and creates beauty. We are His masterpiece.

Sometimes, my daughter's masterpiece may not look beautiful to you or to others but to me it's BEAUTIFUL! Sometimes, I may not look beautiful to others, I may not appear to be a masterpiece. But in my Creator's eyes, in my Father's eyes, I am beautiful...A TRUE MASTERPIECE.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Let Me Explain

If you are reading this, I'd be willing to bet you know of my love for cupcakes and all things sweet. It of course inspired the title of my Blog, yet this will not all be about cupcakes. You see, I think my life is a lot like a cupcake. A cupcake by itself is good, but sometimes a little dry, maybe bland, not nearly as exciting. A cupcake with filling, though, is great! The filling keeps the cupcake overflowing with goodness, every bite is a surprise. And then to top it all off, of course, is the frosting that smothers the top of the cupcake, making it all you could ever dream it to be. I know, you have to be wondering by now, how am I like a cupcake. So I'll explain. I, without Christ, am dry, bland, ugly, plain, and was born a sinner (just a plain ol' cupcake). My filling is Christ, He fills me with His love, His grace, and His mercy, (which is new every morning, thankfully.) He makes me great, He fills me up to overflowing, He makes me beautiful, He makes me everything I am and most of all He makes me NEW! And He definitely keeps my life exciting. I always want a lot of Him, I want Him to be the beginning of my day, walk with me all day long, carry me through the hard times, and I want to remember to thank Him before I lay my head down at night. So that explains "A lot of Filling". Now I'll tell you about being smothered with icing. Because my God loves me, I am smothered with blessings. I am greatly blessed with a husband who works hard to allow me to stay home with my beautiful children. I am incredibly blessed to be a mom (doctors said it wasn't possible without medicine, I know the Great Physician). Not only was I blessed with two children the day I married, but God gave me two more miracle babies who are now 4 and 2. You'll get to hear a lot  about them I'm sure. I'm also blessed to have an incredible mom, dad, brothers, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, and in-laws too. I'm blessed with a beautiful home, an amazing group of friends, and an incredible church! I could go on and on and on, but I'm guessing you get the point, my blessings are my icing. I'm certain if you follow you will get to hear a lot more about my filling and my icing, who knows occassionally you'll probably get to know the plain old cupcake too.